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My Approach

I work relationally and somatically with my clients. My clients and I co-create the work we do together. There is no “top down” approach here. I respect my clients’ ability to know what feels right for them and what doesn’t. I respond to my clients’ words, body language and feelings with openness and compassion, following their lead and working, respectfully, at their pace.

I have a lot of respect for the therapeutic relationship. In my training to become a therapist at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto, I was required to do at least 50 hours of my own therapy work. Here’s where I learned what it feels like to be the one sitting on the couch. Feelings come up, and it isn’t comfortable. Feelings that we have avoided through compulsive working or eating, through addictions, through binge-watching, through numbing ourselves in various ways, through thinking and thinking and thinking. It can take a lot of courage to start therapy. I get it. And for many of my clients it’s because they didn’t know what else to do.

The key word I use often in my sessions is SUPPORT. We don’t often get the support we need — whether it’s because we’re so good at supporting ourselves, or don’t trust that others will come through for us, or because it just isn’t there. We can draw on past support to guide us through new situations. However, if we never had proper support in our past, or grew up in dangerous environments, we must adapt in the best way we can to survive.  These ways of coping from the past may no longer serve us in the present. I help my clients identify these old patterns of coping, and explore where they might try something different in the present.

I provide support by listening, by going into the dark places with you, by accepting you for who you are, by being with you in your feelings, and by challenging you with compassion so that you can take a risk and try something new.

I am currently accepting new clients.

I work with individuals and couples.

I am LGBTQ2S+ allied.

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