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About Me

I am a certified psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.
CRPO #001042.

I love being a psychotherapist. I have always craved intimacy, and working as a therapist is
intimate work. I appreciate that it is not always easy to walk through my door — often it means
my client has tried all other options and failed. I have deep respect for my clients and what they
are struggling with. I have done over 50 hours of my own therapy work, so I know what it can
feel like to sit on the opposite side of the therapist’s chair.

Each client I see is unique in how they’ve survived life so far, and I’m curious about how they
did it, what gets in their way now, and where they feel hope for themselves.

In 2013 I graduated from the 5 year + training program at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto.
Through workshops and conferences, I have continued training to keep up with current
approaches in the mental health field. I have been trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS), and
incorporate somatic work, mindfulness and some CBT into my sessions. I am currently enrolled
in EMDR training and will be providing that modality to my clients in the fall of 2024.

I work relationally and in the present moment with my clients. This means that I’m aware that
my client(s) and I impact each other, and know how important it is for my client(s) to be seen
and heard. When we are seen our nervous system relaxes. Most of us spend a lot of time in our
heads worrying about the past or future. It’s only in the present moment that change can occur.
It’s only when we’re in the present that we can connect.

My second love is singing. I’ve been working as a professional singer for over 30 years. This
experience has given me a deep understanding of the power of music as a healing source, and
our creativity as fundamental to our well-being.

My clients describe me as warm, present, playful, and someone who will challenge you with

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