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Who and how we love is specific to all relationships. What we’re all searching for, however, is
connection, acceptance, to be heard and understood. I often hear from couples I see that they
need work on communicating better. I’m not surprised. Most of us grew up not knowing how
to get our needs met effectively, or how to have conflict in a way that doesn’t end in the
connection breaking down. Most of us didn’t have great role models to teach us these skills.
There are many ways in which our connection with our partner(s) can break down.


We might have unexpressed expectations that the other can’t or won’t agree to, or there may be
boundaries not adhered to, or past traumas that get in our way of seeing the other clearly.
My job is to help my clients regain connection by exploring unexpressed feelings and needs
that underly conflict, establish if and where boundaries have been crossed, and teach skills on
how to communicate more effectively so that each person feels heard and seen by the other.
I come to the sessions with an open mind and heart.

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